Business Development Services

Business Development Services


AGFT’s set of business consulting services has the purpose to support our clients to develop and introduce business models in agricultural and food industry for success in the local and international markets. Our services in this area are specifically designed to answer the specific needs of the agro-food industry and all complementary industries.

Business modelling

  1. Costs/Revenues analysis
  2. Industry analysis
  3. Market-size analysis
  4. Designing supply of input
  5. Designing demand
  6. Defining prices and production capacities
  7. Scenario analysis

Market research (national, regional, continental and global)

Our strong skills in business, economics and data science allows us to provide the following market research services:

    • Defining research scope and developing research hypothesis
    • Choosing research methodology
    • Gathering data
    • Analysis of data
    • Market research report (market landscape, market sizing, market segmentation, market trends, etc.)

Business strategy development and execution

Complete service in business strategy development for new and already established companies :

  • Performing situational analysis (Cost/revenue analysis; analysis of business processes, market analysis);
  • Developing corporate vision and mission;
  • Defining corporate values;
  • Development action plan for strategy execution;
  • Monitoring of action plan execution.

Investment modeling

Designing investment models for key investment parameters:  Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE)

All the above services are supported with highly skilled staff in the following software tools for statistical analysis: SPSS, STATA, Survey Monkey, EUServey, Advanced MS Excel. Our team has been involved in large number of market and industry analyses covering different sets of products and markets.

Agrobusiness due diligence

This service is specifically designed to answer the needs of the farming business sector and the banking sector. Our strong technical team in business and agriculture is capable of delivering due diligence services specifically focused on diverse farming business models within different agricultural sub-sectors.

Marketing strategy and marketing plan development

This service is explained in the Agro Food Marketing section.

Agro Food Marketing