“….. we are not a Marketing Agency ….”
“… we guarantee creating an ideal communication concepts, delivering optimal market success … ”

We in AgFutura threat food and agricultural products differently. Food and Agricultural markets are extremely dynamic and they relate to large number of factors covering almost every aspect of human life. Understanding, how consumers behave and what influences their decision is paramount.

Food value-chains are long and complex, including large number of entities, each of them adding essential elements in the value of the final product. Understanding value chains, how each partner in the system creates and delivers value in the final product is of a great importance. Therefore, besides food, we work with all complementary industries in the food and agriculture sectors.

AgFutura has a specialized team of local and international experts, with extensive experience in food and agricultural marketing. By using our skills in the area of data mining and business planning combined with our knowledge and experience in marketing and design allows us to create a successful marketing strategy delivering the highest ROI in foodmarketing.


 Online_Presence_Management-512 Marketing Consulting

Using strong data mining skills combined with our knowledge and experience in the markets that we operate, we deliver marketing services that enables maximum brand exposure with optimal budget.

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis (filed surveys, focus groups, lab research)
  • Industry analysis
  • Segmentation & positioning strategies
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Value chain analysis

Projects & Clients

 content-marketing-home Digital Marketing

Our expertise in general marketing,  specific food and agricultural marketing, combined with our strong IT skills is the core asset of our Internet Marketing business unit. With our services in this unit we can deliver your product to the right customer, with the right content, by using the right media device, at the right time.

Web Design

  • Custom web-design and development
  • E-commerce design

Internet marketing

  • Search Marketing (Google AdWords)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising – Ability to target audiences on all major social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more)
  • Pay Per Click Management

Web content

Projects & Clients
  Creative Content

Our expertise in the industries that we operate in, allows us to offer, content that helps our customer to achieve a successful representation of their company, products and services on the real and digital market. We have made a unique combination of our creative marketing skills with our extensive experience in video/photography production.

  • Management of Web Site and Social Media content
  • Posts creation
  • In-depth articles
  • Blogs & Newsworthy Content
  • Photography
  • Video recording and editing
  • Video Animations
  • Infographics

Projects & Clients

By using these services, we will assist you achieving the following:

  1. Highest ROI in marketing
  2. Achieving strong relationship with current costumers
  3. Gain larger market share
  4. Easier and efficient entry in new markets
  5. Easier communication with the target audience
  6. Improve product features
  7. Improve distribution channels and gain new