24.01.2018  Promotion of Policy White Paper
Our senior consultant Blagoja Mukanov was the presenter of the Policy White Paper Promotion for the project “Collaborative platform for ICT in Agricultural Extension in WB based on V4 best practices”.

15.11.2017   FAO Regional forum on e-Agriculture for Central and South East Europe.
AgFutura was the leading expertise contributor to the FAO Forum on e-Agriculture For Central and South-East Europe “Precise and integrated response for sustainable farming and inclusive food systems”, that was organized from the 13-15th of November at Hotel Park in Novi Sad Serbia.

11.09.2017  Agritech 4.0
Coordination meeting for the project Connecting VET Teachers to e-Agriculture.

08.09.2017  Precision Agriculture practices in Macedonia
In 2017 AgFutura started with new line of services in the area of precision agriculture. This group of services includes sophisticated soil sampling based on satellite data and extraction of soil samples supported with the latest hardware technologies.

27.04.2017  AgFutura strategic partnership with AgriDron Hungary
Precision Agriculture is a whole-farm management approach that uses information data technology, satellite positioning data and proximal data gathering.

12.04.2017  Usage of ICT Project – South East Nigeria 
Senior consultant Nikola Trendov visited Nigeria with main aim to deliver experience and transfer know-how in the area of ICT in agriculture

15.12.2016  Interview – The success of the ICT in Agribusiness Conference 2016
Executive director from MASIT Anita Nikova and our senior consultant Blagoja Mukanov talked about the success, challenges and conclusions of the Conference.

23.11.2016  ICT in Agribusiness Conference 2016 
AgFutura was organizing partner of the Annual Conference for ICT in Agribusiness, which was held in Skopje on the 22-23rd of November in Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

17.11.2017  Interview for ICT in Agribusiness Conference 2016
Interview with the Executive Director of MASIT Anita Nikova and our senior consultant Blagoja Mukanov about what to expect in this year’s conference.

31.10.2016  Datalab Technologies d.d – Project of AgFutura
Datalab Technoogies d.d. Datalab is one of the leading software companies in the region, in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning and ICTs for Agriculture.

19.10.2016  Project EBRD
AgFutura senior consultant Blagoja Mukanov is part of the consulting team of the development project for the company Virtus Elias.

2.10.2016  Agriculture – Challenge for ICT companies with good financial results
Interview with our senior consultant Blagoja Mukanov about the importance of ICT in agriculture

29.08.2016  The need for precision agriculture in R. Macedonia
Executive director of AgFutura Blagoja Mukanov is talking about the importance of precision agriculture in R.Macedonia

06.06.2016  AgFutura part of FAO’s group of experts for ICT s agriculture
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have long been recognized as key enablers for bridging the digital divide and achieving the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic growth, environmental balance and social inclusion

12.02.2016  AgFutura strategic partnership with EFOS, Slovenija
AgFutura is proud to present an innovative project and partnership with EFOS. We believe that with the accuracy and decreasing cost for pest control Trapview will be the application that you have been waiting for all this time.

26.11.2015  ICT in Agribusiness Conference 2015
AgFutura was part of  Annual Conference for ICT in Agribusiness organized by by the Macedonia Chamber for Information and Communication Technologies – (MASIT)