We garantee agricultural production with lowest cost, environmentally friendly, satisfying the highest standards for food safety

Precision agriculture is a management system that is information and technology based, is site specific and uses the following sources of data: soils, crops, nutrients, pests, moisture, or yield, for optimum profitability, sustainability, and protection of the environment. The main purpose of our services is to optimize inputs for agricultural production according to the capability of the farm.

For delivering these set of services we have created a unique team of local and international experts and have established strategic partnership with leading agricultural schools, covering the following areas of expertise: Agronomy, Livestock, Information and Communication Technologies; Precision Agriculture, Agribusiness.

Soil Analysis Brochure 


Areas of focus:





  • Analysis of Fertility
  • Agronomic consultancy
  • Pest Management
  • Soil Sampling and mapping
  • Crop record keeping
  • Remote sensing applications in agriculture (satellite and UaV based)
  • GIS in precision agriculture (system building, application map creation and data mining)
  • GPS in precision agriculture
  • Development of customized farm management software
  • Recommendations for software and hardware purchases
  • Technologies:
  • Software Development : PHP, C#. Net, Python
  • Web Design : HTML, CSS, Angular JS, JQuery, Wordpress
  • Mobile Application : Android, iOS
  • Databases : MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, My SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Identifying farms’ precision agriculture capabilities and needs
  • Creating needs specification
  • Procurement assistance
  • Developing Strategy and Action plan


By using these services, we will assist you in achieving the following:

  1. Significantly decrease the costs for plant nutrition and pesticides
  2. Decrease water usage
  3. Avoid the risks of weather changes
  4. Fulfill the rigorous standards for food-safety
  5. Fulfill environmental standards
  6. Increase the available funds for re-investment
  7. Make hard operation easy