Crop Management

Crop Management Services


Using AGFT’s Crop Management Services allow stable increase client’s yields and consistency in the quality  of the final farming products!


In this area, AgFutura offers four types of products:

Crop Monitoring based on Remote Sensing

Product 1

Why Remote Sensing?

  • For the aerial perspective
  • It makes it possible to “see” beyond the capacity of human vision
  • It allows all information to be stored, managed and shared systematically and objectively
  • Bringing together agronomic knowledge and technology
  • Enables the global calculation of numerous nitrogen-related indices
  • Easy access to pixel-by-pixel spatialized information

Precision Water Management

Product 2

With this service we weekly inform the farmer of the water requirements of each crop in each irrigation sector. These needs are not irrigation water, but a reference of the needs of the crop from which the farmer is able to make a weekly irrigation schedule. In this way, the farmer does not have to enter any data into the system.

This product allows us to offer a high-precision service that estimates the variable irrigation dose in pivots.

We also offer in our service the possibility of estimating water requirements for controlled deficit irrigation, for example in search of quality, in high-value crops or for those farms that do not have large volumes of irrigation water.

Precision Plant Nutrition

Product 3

Our Plant Nutrition product will:

  1. Improve yield while maintaining cost!
  2. Reduce costs without decreasing yield!

Precision Plant Protection

Product 4

Our Precision Plant Protection product helps you with:

  • Determining the precise time of pests in your fields
  • Creating maps for better protection
  • Recommendations for specific plant protection equipment