About AgFutura Technologies

With excellence in data and new-technologies and experienced experts we strive towards developing and providing most reliable services and products for our partners in the agricultural sector and the food industry

Become the most reliable partner in the agri-food industry

AgFutura Technologies is dedicated into supporting the agricultural sector and the food industry with innovative solutions in the area of Precision Agriculture, Business Development and Agro-Food Marketing.


Innovative solutions for your products and services

The constant growth of the demand for food on one hand and the limited natural resources on the other, create a challenging environment for the players in the agro-food companies. The existence of AgFutura is led by our constant effort to solve these modern challenges in the local and global agriculture, the food industry and other complementary industries. Our products and services are developed and  based on extensive knowledge and experience in the agricultural sector, food industry and ICTs.

AgFutura offer is comprised of three groups of services: Agro Business, Consulting in Agro-Food Industry and Agro-Food Marketing

Core Values

AgFutura’s mission is based on the following core values:

Edge-Tech and Precision

AgFutura Technologies continues with its efforts in improving its knowledge, skills, processes and their network of experts in order to provide better and continuous support for our clients in the agro – food industry, in a way that precision and edge-theologies are paramount.

Reliable and objective

Our existence is based on continuous effort to develop and provide reliable & objective products and services for our clients. Our services assist farmers and companies in the agrofood sector, to make efficient and effective business decisions resulting in higher profits.

Partnership & “giving back”

AgFutura perceives its customers as partners in each stage of its business model (development, sales, implementation and support). The tendency to develop close and long term relation and cooperation with the farmers is essential for the development of AgFutura’s solutions. We have the tendency to continuously “give back” to the farming community by offering free services and information that will help to significantly contribute to their business growth.

Team & Network

AGFT’s team reinforced by large network of local and international experts is the most valuable asset of the company. Continuous investment in our team’s knowledge and skills is strongly embodied in our strategy, and carefully monitored in our everyday decisions and activities. By design and implementation of sophisticated compensation and motivational schemes we try to make our employees feel their time and energy put into achieving our vision are highly valued.

Blagoja Mukanov

Expertise in Applied Economics in Agriculture and International Agricultural Development with special focus on digital technologies, based on 16+ years experience.  

Nadica Angjusheva
Project Manager/Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Bachelor’s degree focused in E-Business.

Mario Petkovski
Agronomist/Precision Agriculture Specialist

Experienced Agronomist with a demonstrated history of working in the farming industry. Skilled inPrecision Agriculture, Laboratory Skills, and Agriculture.

Viktorija Ilieva
Operations Manager/Senior Consultant

Operations manager with experience in agribusiness, agroeconomics, agricultural policy, business planning and development. PhD in Organizational sciences and management.

Iftimcho Pop-Icovski

Engineer with experience in JavaScript, PhP, front-end and back-end programming. Bachelor of Engineering in information and computer sciences.