We provide bundle of services that supports the agri-food industry to achieve better business results in the local and international market. We assist international companies to better understand the markets in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans

Agro Business

Focused on the farmers’ needs we provide technical assistance in farm management. By providing tailor-made strategic and innovative solutions for our clients, AGFT is giving accent on the importance of strong partnership between the client and the company.

Agro Food Marketing

We at AgFutura threat food and agricultural products differently. Food and Agricultural markets are extremely dynamic and they relate to large number of factors covering almost every aspect of human life.

Precise agro - technical operations by your measure

This group of services includes sophisticated soil sampling based on satellite data and extraction of soil samples supported with the latest hardware technologies.

Services in 3 phases

Different service phases depending on the vegetation period of your crop. (before, during and after vegetation period)


Define Site Specific Agriculture Management Zones
Configure your mechanization in accordance with real life data
Introduce variable-rate technology in seeding, spraying, irrigation and fertilization
Understand the real potential and technological capacity of your farm business

Our Portfolio

With our team of local and international experts, we developed and realized many donor based projects financed by programs of the European Union, as well as services in all areas of our operations.

Project RAMAS


Project Polirural, Horizon 2020


Project B-FERTS, Horizon 2020


Website Development and photo production, client Horizon


Project Farming 4.0 – Erasmus + project

consulting digital-agriculture euprojects

Photo, video production and website development, client Poledelstvo Erdzelija


Market strategy and development, client ABACO group


FAO Regional forum on e-Agriculture, client FAO


Project Agriteach 4.0 – Erasmus + project

consulting digital-agriculture euprojects

Precision Agriculture practices in Macedonia, client Poledelstvo Erdzelija


Technology analysis, client RINA Group


Website development, client Green Growth Platform


Website, photo and video development, client Fish Farm Izvor


Assessment of ICT adoption, client MASIT


Promotional Video, client Datalab


Assessment model, client Carana Corporation


Market Analysis, client Adora Inzenering


Project for the government of Republic of Macedonia


Assessment of wine sector export capacities, client Analysis and Advisory Group


Our Partners

We cooperate with clients and deliver our services on the local and international markets in all of the areas of our operations.

About AgFutura

We are dedicated into supporting the agricultural sector and the food industry with innovative solutions in the area of Precision Agriculture, Business Development and Agro-Food Marketing.


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Project Partners

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Check our latest news, projects and promotions in the area of Precision agriculture, Agro-Food marketing and Business development


Ag Futura Services

AgFutura Consulting

We assist international companies to better understand the markets in Eastern Europe and Western Balkans, and achieve successful entry on the market.

Project Development

Our highly skilled staff delivers high quality services in the process of project development.

Project Management

AGFT’s acquired experience from a long list of projects has created a significant project management skills for execution of the most complex projects.

Business & Investment Modelling

Designing business and investment models by delivering key parameters.

Business Strategy Development

We assist our clients to develop and introduce successful food brands on the local and international market.

Market Research

Our strong skills in business, economics and data science allows us to provide the market research services that will help your business!

Agrobusiness Due Diligence

This service is specifically designed to answer the needs of the farming business sector and the banking sector.

Ag Futura Services

AgFutura Agro Business

By providing tailor-made strategic and innovative solutions for our clients, AGFT is giving accent on the importance of strong partnership between the client and the company.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture represents an innovative way of farm management that allows optimization of agricultural resources based on reliable data gathering through digital tools.

Moj Agronom

Moj Agronom presents an applicative solution of interoperable configurations of IoTs that provides reliable data for small-scale and large-scale crop monitoring and advisory.

Equipment & Software

Our extensive experience in precision agriculture in the region has attracted the attention of key companies in the precision agricultural industry.

Farm Business Assessment

AGFT provides a service for agricultural technology and economic assessment for different sizes of farming business models in wide range of agricultural sub sectors.

Crop Management Services

Using AGFT’s Crop Management Services allow stable increase client’s yields and consistency in the quality  of the final farming products!

Two Types of Products

Two types of products in the area of Agriculture Engineering: Optimal Portfolio and Plant Nutrition Program.

Ag Futura Services

AgFutura Agro-Food Marketing

Agro food marketing is a form of marketing in which food products use general marketing approaches like the other products and services in the market.

Marketing Strategy Development

Development of a marketing strategy for your business!

Marketing Plan Development

Development of a marketing plan for your business!

Marketing Strategy and Plan Execution

Control and review of the already developed marketing strategy and marketing plan and its execution.

Agro Food Advertising

Using different tools and platform to promote your business!

Development Services

Our team of experts will help you create your site in a fast, efficient, creative and above all affordable manner.

Design Services

Our team of experts will pay special attention on branding, creative content, video, audio and photo production for the design phase of your website.