Project Services

Project Services

The team of AGFT has wide bundle of competence and skills for development and management of projects funded from different sources. Our broad range of skills and extensive academic and practical experience in economics, business, agriculture and information technologies makes us capable to face complex challenges in the project work.

Project Development

Our highly skilled staff in the area of economics, business, agriculture and IT allows us to successfully deliver high quality services in the process of project development. The extensive experience in project work and developing project application has created AGFT’s capacities to efficiently and effectively adopt to broad range of call criteria set by different funds. Therefore, AGFT is fully capable to lead or support the process of project development for different project calls with special accent on the following well-known funding opportunities:

Project Management

AGFT’s acquired experience from a long list of projects has created a significant project management skills for execution of the most complex projects operated by different size of consortia. Our team is fully skilled into understanding and satisfying the needs of the project administration work as well as deliver high-quality intellectual outputs for the specific tasks allocated in each of the involved projects.

Areas of expertise & interest in project work

Our project operation both in project development and management are focused on the following specific areas:

  • Data-based agriculture
  • Precision agriculture
  • Internet of Things in agriculture
  • Innovation in agricultural technologies (Robotics, Blockchain, Digital technologies and Integrated Pest Management etc.)
  • Circular economy in the context of agriculture
  • Bio-based industry
  • Agricultural policy assessments (local and international)
  • Policy development
  • Policy execution, monitoring and assessment
  • Development of national, regional and local strategies for development