Farm Business Assessment

Farm Business Assessment

AGFT provides a service for agricultural technology and economic assessment for different sizes of farming business models in wide range of agricultural sub sectors. This service is consisted of two main components.


Combining these two service component  provides reliable insight for the real capacities of client’s farming business model essentially needed for making successful decision in the everyday business as well decision into further investments.

Agro – Technological Component

The agrotechnological component includes an in-depth analysis of applied agricultural technologies used in clients’ farming business model. The analysis has the purpose to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the technological capacity to create added value and achieve profits. The biggest advantage of AGFT in delivering this service is the strong support from our knowledge and skills in digital technologies that provide very valuable and precise data crucial form understanding the real situation in the farming model.

Economic Component

The economic component of this services is consisted of analysis of the economic and financial aspects of all business and technological functions (income statement and balance sheet) in the client’s farm business model.