Agro-Technological and Economic Analysis

AGFT can develop a specific agro-technological and economic analysis of your organization. This analysis is consisted of two reports.
The agro-technological report includes a deep elaboration and presentation of data consisted of the agricultural production, inputs, machinery and financial results of your entire organization.
The economic report is consisted of all economic aspects of the organization (income statement and balance sheet). Combining these two reports will provide a clear picture and understanding of your organization for further investment by your side or as an opportunity from and outside investor.

Analysis of all economic aspects of your company

Analysis of all your company data (inputs, machinery, production and financial results)

Market entry support

We provide services for every company in the agri-food industry and other complementary industries that are interested to enter the markets of the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. By using our market intelligence services you will be able to achieve faster and convenient entry and avoid unnecessary costs.

Market export support

Our specific set of skills for market entry combined with our knowledge of the international food markets, as well as our large network of partner organization (link) in Europe, are the foundation for providing export support services for the entire agro-food industry in the Republic of Macedonia and the region.

We support you in the following areas

Measuring the market

Measuring the SIZE and GROWTH of the market that you want to enter

Needs and wants

Assessment how well product’s features are consistent with costumer NEEDS and WANTS


What are the THREATS on the market and when and where they can appear


Identifying potential PARTNERSHIPS and new relationships with clients


Identify the COMPETITION in the market that you want to enter

Event management

EVENT management & SUPPORTIVE marketing activities (event marketing, digital marketing and other agency services)

Business Development

Our set of consulting services has the purpose to assist our clients to develop and introduce successful food brands on the local and international market. In comparison to standard business development, our services in this section are specifically designed to answer the specific needs of the agro-food industry and all complementary industries.

We support you in the following areas


FINDING local and regional funding OPPORTUNITIES for your business


Project PREPARATION in Business Development (project preparation for H2020, cross border, local funds, business angels)

Marketing support

COMPLETE marketing support and MONITORING consultancy

Planning and actions plans

STRATEGIC planning and DEVELOPING action plans

Logistical support

Our long-time experience in the agro-food industry and agricultural production in the region guaranties high quality logistical support in procurement of fresh agricultural products and food products, from Western Balkans and Eastern Europe.

We support you in the following areas

Right quality and quantity

Finding the RIGHT QUALITY and QUANTITY of fresh fruits and vegetables

Right partner

Finding the RIGHT PARTNER for cooperation in the export business


COMPLETE marketing support and 24/7 SUPPORT in peak season in all of the above

Monitoring activities

Monitoring of CONTRACT for cooperation with partners, POST – HARVESTING activities and PRODUCTION in the case of contract production

Development and Marketing Consulting

We can assist you into tackling challenges in the area of agricultural development, agribusiness and agricultural markets. We have a specialized team of people specifically focused on international agricultural development that has the knowledge and skills how to create enabling environment for the development of the agri-food industries in Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. In this area we are specialized how modern technologies can leverage the process of agricultural development.

We support you in the following areas

Market development

AGRICULTURAL and FOOD MARKET development and Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P)

Agricultural policy

Policies for : direct financial support, support for capital investments in agriculture, agribusiness development, land policy, agricultural extension


REFORMS in Agricultural business environment and investment promotion


Enabling sustainable agriculture and rural development